How to Travel with a Senior Adult?

How to Travel with a Senior Adult?

Plan the itinerary of the destination, carry identification and organize the medicines are some tips for the holidays. In summer many people take advantage of the good temperatures to go for a walk, discover places and enjoy new experiences with their families. For older adults, it is very beneficial to break with the routine, relax and share in a different environment.

There are multiple advantages of traveling in old age because it allows greater interaction with other social and cultural environments, helps maintain a connection with the outside world and can even reduce depressive or anxious symptoms. Planning holidays is very important, especially if there are people who need special care or who have certain limitations such as difficulty climbing stairs, walking fatigue, pain while sitting for a long time or need assistance to get dressed. However, having an advanced age should not be an obstacle to perform different scenarios. This is why here we want to give you some tips to consider when traveling with an older adult:

Investigate the destination: Before leaving for a walk, it is necessary to gather information about the places you want to travel, paying attention to the weather, health hazards and nearby medical services.

Organize medicines: It is important to have the devices to measure blood pressure or sugar, remedies and a summary of the medical history of our loved ones. On the other hand, it is advisable to consult with a doctor to know if it is necessary to take extra precautions.

Consider transportation: It is essential to check whether wheelchairs or folding flats are available at airports and terminals or take them if necessary, as older people get tired easily and walk slower. In addition, it is good to modify the itineraries to include rest time between activities, stops to go to the bathroom, take short walks or hydrate.

Wear comfortable clothing: At the time of travel, it is ideal to prioritize comfortable, loose clothing and mainly cotton, because this textile fiber retains a relatively stable temperature and absorbs sweat.

Caring for the skin: Over the years, the skin becomes thin and dry, so it is recommended to use sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and creams or moisturizing lotions.

Drink enough liquid: It is essential to take water everywhere to stay hydrated, as in many occasions older adults do not show that they are thirsty or do not ask for any drink.